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Comic Book Hoarders | The Comics Journal:

"Comic Book Hoarders

Unpacked one of my comic book boxes from tour. Some of these I bought in Portland, some I got in Vancouver. Whether traded for, purchased or stolen from friends when they weren’t looking – I gotta thank Zack Soto, Jason Levain, Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham for helping me with my habit."


looking through this batch of comicbook covers is like an episode of THIS IS YOUR LIFE, ED.  i remember many of these. i'm not certain that i agree with certain of Frank Santoro's quips, but hey, G-D made the rainbow so that we could each have a choice in wardrobe coordination.

 a case in point is HERBIE. granted, my take on this character's various series
 is tainted by nostalgia and my own recollections on prepubescent fatdom, but can anyone that's read the series argue against it's being one of the most original, fun and downright strangest comicbooks ever printed?

okay, there's MeatHaus. but Frank doesn't categorize these as crap, does he?

Charlton Comic's Jungle Jim #27 has to be one of the worst Steranko covers ever.
side by side with Jeff Jone's  FORBIDDEN LOVE (a poor man's Bernie Wrightson?)
okay nthat wasn't fair, but tell me that you didn't think of that angle yourself.

there's a few of these that i'm not familiar with/do not own. if i were to
 get my choice of one of these based on the cover alone i would opt for
 HERO COMICS from ACQ. c'mon that SM cover tingles the nether regions, does it not?

overall pick?
 sorry, but i gotta go back  for the FAT FURY, HERBIE #1!
love that plunger on the head. :-)

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