i watched the GOTHAM pilot on HULU and here are some of my thoughts.

 - it is not likely that millionaires should go to the movies, a plain ole theatre worked just fine.

 - Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon made me wish for a TV version of Sam and Twitch.

 - the dialogue alternated between, campy, unnecessary and excellent, to varying degrees.

 - i like Fish Mooney. she will do until the classic characters evolve.

 - mi casa es su casa? *sheeesh*

 - the sadistic penguin was fun to watch but de-emphasized the cunning aspect of the penguin. vintage Penguin is two-parts genius, one part sadist.

 - the cinematograhy is top notch, a crisp, clean Gotham by daylight, eerie at night. good stuff!

 - Poison Ivy, Catwoman, the Joker, Penguin, Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, et al, are all in their early development stages, should the show have legs we may yet to arrive at a new Batman show for the 21st Century, fully fleshed out with a Rogue's Gallery in place.

 - Renee Montoya had an affair with Barbara Keane? who knew?

 - favorite line: "cannot have organized crime without law and order". this line presages what we already know, that the Freaks will bloom when the Batman makes his entrance.

 - the Penguin should be deaf in his right ear. - little regal Bruce is already in charge of his own destiny.

 - i am not going out of my way, but i will watch the show whenever it is opportune to do so, GOTHAM has great potential.

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