AVX 2NITE, AVX 4LIFE | The Comics Journal

AVX 2NITE, AVX 4LIFE | The Comics Journal: "Archie #631
By Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski & Digikore
Published by Archie Comics"

Tucker Stone writes  the funniest review of a comic in a very long time,
 i shit my pants on this one.

how funny?

well, if Archie were this level of funny, i'd still be reading it (actually, i'm guilty of sporadically dropping
in on the ole carrot-top for old time's sake).
  Veronica? Betty? nope, it's Valerie - a new interracial love interest.

if you thought that Archie was courting danger when he hit on Madge, Moose's girlfriend,
 wait'll you see what happens when the Santorum Tariler Park residents get a load of this one!

 on second thought, this is conjecture, a lot depends on literacy.

never mind.


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